We all want to be healthy. You are what you eat. But eating ‘clean’ all the time is hard work. And boring. We all deserve a treat.

We believe you don’t need to compromise. The most indulgent foods can and should be healthy, and being healthy doesn't mean less indulgent.
Food doesn't need loads of sugar or calories to taste good. Our mission is for you to be able to enjoy your favourite sweet treats without compromising your health.

We've started with the most indulgent food of all. Delicious, decadent, luxury dairy ice cream, made with natural ingredients which replace the nasty stuff and make it taste even better.

Health and indulgence are opposites no longer. Oppo by name, Oppo by nature.
Unhealthy indulgences are now irrelevant.

Indulgence just got healthy.

(Here's our EU Authorised Health Claim: ‘Consumption of foods/drinks containing erythritol and steviol glycosides instead of sugar induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks’.)