The Oppo story

 The finish line! Charlie and Harry complete their Brazil kite buggy adventure 


We decided to try and break a record for the longest distance travelled by kite power on land.

As you might imagine, no-one had attempted this before. The buggies had no brakes. And we had about 2 hours of kite buggying experience between us. It was like learning to swim by swimming the channel. But we had already raised funds for charity and were determined to get to the finish line.

We often had to drag our 75kg buggies over 30 miles on sand and through mangrove swamps, and we ran out of food. So we ate wild coconuts and fruit growing along the Brazilian coastline. They tasted amazing, and they were nutritious too.

That was the lightbulb moment. Why can’t all food be like that? Wouldn’t it be good if everyone could indulge in their favourite sweet treats, without compromising on health?

 Harry dragging the buggy from the mud in Brazil kite buggy adveture

We made it (1,000km!), and on our return, Charlie immediately got into the kitchen. He didn’t leave it for two years. Except to sleep on Harry’s sofa.

The goal? Healthy ice cream.


Charlie left his job and stayed in the kitchen.

 Charlie experimenting with new ingredients to make a new healthy ice cream to later become Oppo.


Following 25 months of research, 3 different factories, and many ‘head in hands’ moments, the recipe was ready. Fresh milk from meadow-grazed cows free to roam and eat naturally. Stevia leaf. Wild harvested virgin coconut oil. A fraction of the calories and sugar found in regular ice cream. Health and indulgence had finally collided. Opposites had attracted.


Oppo was ready to go nationwide, with a launch into 117 Waitrose stores. This was the catalyst for Harry to leave his job too.

 Charlie and Harry celebrate Oppo ice cream launching straight into 117 Waitrose stores.


We needed investment to help spread the word, build the team and buy ingredients, so we enabled Oppo fans to get a stake in the business through Seedrs, and became the world’s fastest food and drink company to reach target through crowdfunding.

We were lucky enough to be named the Guardian’s start-up of the year, and launched into Co-Op, Budgens, Holland & Barrett as well as hotels, cinemas, offices and sports clubs.

Charlie went to Milan with the Prime Minister on the Queen’s Jet to showcase the best of British innovation. The Italians have got high standards for ice cream, and Prime Minister Renzi rather enjoyed his scoop of Oppo.

 Charlie with David Cameron showcasing the best of British food innovation. Davina McCall with the Oppo team. Borris Johnson enjoying some Oppo.


We exhibited at 50 events, 140,000 people had a taste of Oppo, and Tennis Champion Andy Murray invested as part of our second Seedrs crowdfunding campaign! Most importantly though, we won a Great Taste Award.


We launched our new look (check it out), launched into Ireland, and launched our new flavour – Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut. We’re eating about a tub each a day in the office, and it is marvellous if we say so ourselves. We’ve got a few more launches up our sleeves for the near future, so watch this space...

Connect with us on facebook, twitter and instagram @oppoicecream for up to the minute healthy indulgence.

 Charlie and Harry enjoy some fresh coconuts. Bobbie Garbutt & Poppy Roy ©