Startups Awards - We've Been Shortlisted

Forget Trump V Clinton. And the Bake Off … what channel is it even on these days? Strictly? Fair point, that’s pretty good.
But there’s only one contest we’re really interested in at the moment. And that’s the Startups Awards. We’re in the race for Crowdfunded Business of the Year, Innovative Business of the Year and People’s Champion. For the People’s Champion Award, we need your help. It’s an all-out public vote. It takes 5 seconds and you can vote here. To say thanks, just email a screenshot of the ‘thanks for voting’ page to and we’ll send you 3 x £2.50 vouchers for our Madagascan Vanilla ice cream. 
For the other categories, with a 24-strong judging panel of some of the UK’s most successful business-men-and-women, including TV Dragon Nick Jenkins, Cath Kidston and Nick Wheeler, we can’t wait to find out the results on the 17th November. But until then here are our thoughts on crowdfunding and innovation.


Individuals. We like to follow individuals. The brilliant expert. The inspirational leader. Individual wisdom is lauded and celebrated. 
But what about the wisdom of crowds? Take Francis Galton’s famous anecdote. Taking all of the guesses at a country fair in a ‘guess the weight of the Ox’ contest, he found that the average guesses of the crowd were closer to the Ox’s true weight than the guesses of all of the local experts. Expertise in comparison to the crowd? Inferior. 
And this isn’t an anomaly. In certain areas, crowds consistently perform better than individual expertise – check out James Surowiecki’s brilliant The Wisdom of Crowds – and it is only recently with the advent of new technology, that crowds have been able to effectively used. Just look at the explosion in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. At Oppo we’ve always used crowds to push ourselves farther than we could ever have gone alone. 
We’ve crowdfunded twice and for us, crowdfunding was always about more than just the money. We’ve got 650 brilliant investors. 650 individuals who are some of our most passionate brand advocates. 650 people whom we want to shape the Oppo journey along with us. They’ve been invaluable, helping us with our marketing, to providing advice, and even giving feedback on new ideas, branding and propositions.  


Oppo’s mission is focused firmly on innovation. 
For too long producers have wrongly believed that health and indulgence are opposites, that they cannot co-exist without there being some form of compromise. We’ve proved this wrong. But innovation wasn’t and never will be easy. Oppo took 25 months to create and we weren’t going to launch a product until we were happy that it was perfect – all-natural, indulgent … and healthy (find out how we're healthy here).
Look at other industries. It’s innovate or die. Multiple innovations have made our lives easier, quicker and healthier. But Food and Drink? Sadly not. An obesity crises and diabetic epidemic are realities in modern-day Britain … and it’s not getting any better. As producers, we have a responsibility to the consumer. Food should be nourishing and not damaging to your health. People like to indulge, and why not? Eating clean all the time is boring. We think that working with consumer eating habits and making that indulgence healthier could be the key to turning the tide and improving public health. 
Here’s to innovation … the healthy way.

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