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The countdown to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea is on! We have our eyes on 22 year old Freestyle Aerial Skier Lloyd Wallace. He's comeback from injury this season and has already had some fantastic results on the World Cup circuit, so we can't wait to see him  at the Winter Olympics. 

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1. How do you manage your nutrition whilst you’re travelling?

I spend a lot of my season travelling, and making sure I'm giving my body the correct nutrition on an 11 hour flight gets pretty tough. I normally travel with quite a few snacks, I usually find keeping my protein intake up the hardest as plane food isn't always the best, so I make sure I bring plenty of cashew nuts and beef jerky along with me.

2. What is the best kept nutrition secret?

If I told you that, it would no longer be a secret...

3. What’s your favourite Oppo flavour?

It's got to be Salted Caramel!

4. What does training to be an Olympic aerial skier involve?

It involves a lot of gym work, a lot of acrobatic training and a lot less actual skiing than everyone thinks. In a typical day: I wake up at 7am and head to breakfast (usually yoghurt & granola, fruit and some toast).  Then we warm up and make sure we are ready to jump. We head out to the jump site where we chop our landing hill and help prep the jumps. We then train for up to 3 hours, I'll do between 7-10 jumps, depending on the difficulty of the jumps I perform and how my body is holding up. After training I'll usually chill for half an hour scrolling through Instagram, before heading to a mobility and stretching session. Lunch, I try and make sure it's fairly balanced (but a lot of it). After lunch I'll have a gym session, could be a core workout or weights, then I'll head to physio where I let them put me back together. In the evening, I might play a bit of cards with teammates before I head back to my room, where I'll read until I fall asleep, my record is one sentence before I've dozed off.

5. Where is your favourite resort you’ve ever skied?

Probably Tignes in France. It's where my mum competed at the 1992 Albertville Olympics, the resort I learnt to ski in, and the resort where I did my first ever backflips on skis. The ski area is also huge, with plenty of off piste and pretty snow-sure all season.

6. What’s your one piece of advice or inspiration for our Oppo readers?

Push yourself to your limits, you'll surprise yourself at what you can achieve! If you aren't living on the edge, you're taking up too much room.

Keep updated with Lloyd on Instagram and tune in on February 17th & 18th to watch Lloyd in action in the Freestyle Aerials.

Best of luck from Team Oppo x

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