Our new look just landed.

We created our current designs ourselves. But we knew that one day we would need to improve them to make it clear what Oppo is about: bringing health and indulgence together into one delicious sweet spot.

So we used a little help from our friends at Path, a fantastic group of creative designers. They helped us craft something we love. We hope you will too.

Before anyone put pencil to paper we had several workshop sessions on how we might describe the Oppo brand visually. Here are the resulting mood boards. 

 Inspirations behind our new look. 

The ideas of Collaboration and Contrast (between health and indulgence), Challenge and being Disruptive (to the incumbents by creating a new way to enjoy sweet treats without loads of sugar), Passion and light-hearted positivity (we are talking about dessert and delicious indulgences after all), and Pleasurable indulgence were all represented here.

Essentially, we really wanted our new look to show that being healthy doesn't mean eating a compromise.

Then it was about getting the creative geniuses at Path to distill this into a brand design. Many workshops and late nights later, here's what you'll start seeing in a freezer aisle near you this summer...

 New Branding Oppo

If you're especially eagle-eyed, you'll notice the logo now sits in an overlap between two circles, like a Venn diagram. This is the Oppo Sweet Spot. It's both health and indulgence. The best of both worlds. No compromise. Dig in.

First onto the shelves is our new Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut flavour which is now in Waitrose and on Ocado. Find your nearest store here

 New branding Oppo