Dare to love dairy


The milk to your cereal. the butter to your bread. The world would be a very different place without dairy. And with all the milk and butter alternatives on the scene we know it’s easy to forget this dietary staple.

In many ways, experimenting and trying non-dairy options is like shoe shopping; it’s fun and sometimes you’ll find keepers ('mylks' have there place), but nothing will replace that pair of boots you’ve always loved. Comparably, dairy-free options may have their own unique qualities but let’s be real, Cheerio’s with non-dairy 'mylk' just isn’t the same.

Luckily, we’re big fans of dairy here at Oppo HQ and when it comes to our ice cream we use only the very best. Our milk is always fresh, from meadow-grazed cows free to roam and eat naturally, ensuring every tub tastes as great as possible.

 Milk pouring into Oppo Salted Caramel tub

But in addition to great taste, there are plenty more reasons for why we love dairy and why you should to! Here are our top 5.

1)      Dairy is full of calcium so having it in your diet is a great way to maintain healthy calcium levels. There’s a whole list of benefits to ensuring calcium features in your diet but one of the main reasons is the role this mineral plays in keeping our bones healthy and strong. Our skeletal system carries the vast majority of our body’s calcium and having them properly stocked is important for our bone health.

2)      Protein is king and for good reason. It’s the building block of muscle and the most satiating food group. But you don’t have to be hitting up the squat-rack for protein to be important. It’s key for general muscle health and keeping us satisfied. As an abundant source of protein, dairy is an easy way to ensure you’re taking good care of that precious muscle mass and not nibbling on empty calories all day.

3)      Essential source of vitamins and minerals. We’re constantly learning more about how food makes us feel and we now know that diet plays a core role in our bio-chemistry. Luckily, dairy is packed with a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B-12 which can help boost energy levels. Who wouldn’t want to eat their way to improved energy, especially when it could be a simple case of eating more cheese… we’re in!

4)      Hold on to childhood memories. When you think of your childhood do you remember all that milk-drenched cereal? Perhaps your parents encouraged you to eat yogurt, and if your Sunday lunches were the real deal then you’ll have had apple crumble for dessert made with real butter and served with cream. Cutting out dairy isn’t far off waving farewell to some of the world’s most incredible flavours. Quite simply, dairy has an important, delicious flavour legacy. Why say goodbye to that!

5)      Sleep soundly at night. Interestingly, the tryptophan found in dairy can be used by the body to create sleep-triggering melatonin, so you may, quite literally, sleep more soundly. We all know how important a good night's sleep is... Pass the hot chocolate please!

Ultimately the amount of dairy we consume is down to personal preference, and everyone is different. ­

As for Oppo, dairy is what makes our ice cream taste luxurious and authentic. We may have taken out traditional table sugar to make our ice cream healthy but fresh milk is a nutritional asset with many great benefits that we won’t be saying goodbye to any time soon.