New research reveals that 40% of young adults can’t afford to buy healthy food and drink

Today we’re releasing new YouGov research which shows that:

  • 68% of UK adults find healthy food and drink more expensive than those not marked as healthy
  • A staggering 40% of 18-34 year olds, 30% across all age groups, cannot afford to purchase healthy food and drink because they are more expensive than other products   

It is clear. Price is a barrier to a healthy diet.

What is also clear is that the Sugar Tax will not and cannot solve this problem. Policy makers continue to look at the problem of excessive sugar consumption from the wrong angle.

 Don't Tax Healthy Campaign Image

Today’s research is further proof that our campaign provides a workable solution which will reduce the nation’s sugar consumption. Let’s cut VAT to the reduced rate of 5% on all lower sugar products and get rid of the price barrier which so many of us face. 

Please share today’s research amongst your friends and family. We need more signatures if we want the decision-makers to listen.