Spot Oppo on the Tube? Own a share in Oppo

Oppo is owned by 209 people who love healthy indulgence. They are our shareholders, our friends, and the heart and soul of the business. This is your chance to join us. At 1pm tomorrow (Thursday 11th Feb) it will be possible to buy a share in Oppo.

This is our second raise, following the first round which reached target minutes after being launched on Seedrs. 12 months on, Oppo is in 1,300 stores across the UK and primed for further growth.

The campaign will open to a priority list (you can join the list and register your interest here) tomorrow at 1pm, and will go live to the public on Monday 15th.

The minimum investment is just £11.40 (four shares). As well as owning a part of Oppo, you'll:

  • Get discounts on our ice cream every quarter
  • Receive our new products and flavours before they go on sale
  • Be part of our mission to eradicate tasteless health food and unhealthy junk by proving it’s possible to fuse health with indulgence.

Register your interest to get a link when the campaign opens. We’re looking forward to having you on board!

 Charlie and Harry with Oppo London tube advert 2016

If you're commuting on the London Underground this morning, you might notice one of our new billboard ads featuring a huge scoop of Oppo. 

It's part of a new campaign by Seedrs to show how you can invest in exciting businesses (like Oppo) while they take care of the boring legal stuff.