We didn't use a big branding agency but chose to do it ourselves with a pencil, a lot of late nights and a little help from some friends who know their way around a mac. It’s quintessentially Oppo. Here’s the story.

Health and indulgence are typically opposites. 

You rarely find both guilt-free health and pure unadulterated indulgence in the same food. Oppo is a fusion of the two. When you buy a tub of Oppo, you’re not just buying ice cream. You’re indulging in luxury... without looking like you have.

When we launched our original packaging, complete with pictures of hippos and hummingbirds, mermaids and whales, and elephant’s and feathers, people were a little confused. Some even thought that we used hippo or elephant milk. We’d love to be standing next to the shelf explaining the Oppo packaging every time you grab your ice cream, but now we’re in 1,300 UK stores this would be a challenge! 

A big agency kindly created the original designs for us for free, and won two awards in the process. But the tubs didn’t look as appetising as they could for someone in a rush in the freezer aisle with a brimming trolley and three kids who need the loo.

So we asked ourselves some questions. 

What if we let the product speak for itself a little more? What if we explained our mission and story? Could we simplify the tubs while giving you a taste of the guilt-free indulgence inside?

We got to work with some crayons, comments from 200 people we randomly spoke to in the street and in stores, and valuable feedback from over 300 of you, our customers.

The designs developed from this…

To this...

...and finally to this

We changed the logo to metallic gold, made the word Oppo clearer (you might have noticed it’s a palindrome: the ‘op' mirrors the 'po'), and placed the logo on a white label to illustrate the purity of the ice cream. The left half of each tub illustrates the colour of each flavour. The right half contains hand drawings of the superfood ingredients, and us on a bike with a kite, where the Oppo adventure began.

It gives you the pure decadence of eating proper ice cream while showing what makes Oppo different. 

We hope you think so too. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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