Here are nine ways to indulge healthily with Oppo this winter. Time to get inventive in the kitchen...


#1  Keep it traditional and add an indulgent scoop with your crumble, pies, puddings and tarts.

 Pecan pie topped with Oppo Madagascan Vanilla Ice cream 


#2  Try layering your favourite flavour in a dessert, like these millionaire pudding pots by @maxineali!

 Millionaire Pudding Pot layered with Oppo


#3  About to pour milk over your granola? How about adding some ice cream instead to kick start your day!

 Oppo ice cream with granola


#4  Give your hot drinks that finishing touch with a scoop or two.

 Hot chocolate Oppo Ice Cream


#5  Pop Oppo onto your morning porridge for some extra creaminess.

 Porridge topped with Oppo


#6  Try sandwiching your next scoop between cookies, pastry or even gingerbread!

 Pastry Oppo Sandwich


#7  Try baking with it and use it as the custard mix in your next bread and butter pudding.

 Oppo Bread and Butter Pudding


#8  Keep that body-warming muscle on your frame with some extra indulgent protein shakes.

 Oppo Protein Shake


#9  Put a spin on your favourite crumble by spiralizing it, and serve it piping hot with a big scoop of Oppo.

 Spiralized Apple Crumble with Oppo Ice Cream

The possibilities are truly endless, so don't neglect the freezer this winter! Get creative with your Oppo and, if you have any other cool wintery ideas up your sleeve, be sure to snap them and tag us in on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.