We won a Great Taste Award!

 Oppo Ice Cream Great Taste Award Photogrpah

Do you remember getting a gold star at primary school? It felt pretty good didn’t it. Or what about your first swimming badge? And don’t even get us started on your Angry Birds score. You legend.

Well take that feeling, multiply it a few times and that’s us right now. We’re stoked to announce that our Salted Caramel with a hint of Lucuma ice cream has been awarded a Gold Star in this year’s Great Taste Awards.

Each year, thousands of products enter and across 49 separate judging days, 400 expert judges work in small teams to identify the very best tasting products on sale in the UK today.

At Oppo, we’ve always believed that product is king. Charlie took over two years to create the recipes for Oppo, and they had to be perfect; indulgent, creamy, delicious … and healthy. This isn’t easy. Take salted caramel for instance, a flavour synonymous with indulgence … and sugar. We had to think outside the box and this is why we use lucuma. Hailing from Peru, this delicious fruit lends its natural maple and caramel flavour to our ice cream. Welcome to nature’s caramel.

The Great Taste judges’ comments included “the texture of this ice cream is lovely and creamy”, “remarkable that there is no added sugar” and that it “had all the elements – fruit, salt and dairy – refreshing and well-made. An unusual idea well-executed.”

We now join a very small and select group of other ice creams who carry the Great Taste hallmark, and we’re most certainly the only one which can legally be referred to as healthy*. Who ever said that healthy food had to be boring? We know that they were wrong.

So if you’re wanting to see what the Great Taste Judges were on about, go grab a tub of our Salted Caramel with a hint of Lucuma. It’s award-winning don’t you know?

 Oppo Ice Cream Salted Caramel

*EU Authorised Health Claim: ‘Consumption of foods/drinks containing erythritol and steviol glycosides instead of sugar induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks’.