Stand up paddle boarding the length of the Thames

Have you ever thought about floating down the length of a river? We took the last bank holiday off to stand up paddle the Thames from 'source to salt' with our film maker friend Ben. This rather lovely 2 minute video makes us want to do it again...

Mini adventures like this really do make you feel free. With almost no preparation or planning we borrowed some boards (thanks Naish and Sup!), grabbed a tent, and then took a train to the closest stop to the source of the river.

Getting up at first light, putting the boards in the water and paddling almost silently through the morning mist each day was a magical experience, and it was amazing to follow the river from the tiniest trickle at the source, through beautiful English countryside and villages, all the way to the mighty force it becomes 200 miles downstream in London.

Stand up paddle boarding is also a lot easier than it looks (we only had one or two unexpected spills!) so if you haven't had a go then try it next time you have a 


Little trips like this give you a different perspective for a few days - and it shows that you don't need to go far to feel like you're in another world...

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