What! We're 'Startup of the Year'

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Oppo HQ. From filming on a rooftop in Peckham to delivering over 2000 tubs of Oppo to offices all over London, we’re just drawing breath. And now for the cherry on top. We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Oppo has been announced as the Guardian’s Startup of the Year!

The awards ceremony was held in Shoreditch at a suitably start-up style venue where there were lashings of pulled pork, dozens of excitable entrepreneurs and a soundtrack from the folk infused hip hop of Coco and the Butterflies. We thought they were brilliant.  

With such an impressive judging panel including former dragon James Caan and founder of Bulldog Skincare, Simon Duffy, we were absolutely delighted when Oppo was announced as this year’s winner of Start up of the Year, sponsored by Xero. The judges commented, “It’s innovative, on trend, with a smart retail roll-out strategy. There are lots of elements in there that make up a good startup business. They have done really well and it was one of the fastest crowdfunds ever.”

And it wasn't just the judges who were impressed... Rick Edwards, who presented our award, asked us if Oppo was actually healthy and if so, whether he could eat hundreds of tubs with gay abandon. We confirmed that he could and no one has seen him since. Here's to Rick, our newest fan!

It's amazing  to be recognised as the Guardian’s most promising startup in the UK. It's also a really encouraging endorsement of our product, brand and team and is validation that we’re on the right track and getting even closer to accomplishing what we set out to achieve - being the ‘go to’ for healthy indulgence.”

Finally, thank you! We're only where we are because you’ve been buying our ice cream and spreading the Oppo word!