Oppo joins forces with Disney to celebrate national hug day

 The Oppo team celebrate national Hug day with Disney's Baymax.

Surely there can be no better way to celebrate national hug day than with a big Baymax hug so that is exactly what we did at Oppo.

We packed as much ice cream as we could carry and ventured to the very trendy Soho area where Feref are based and, for one day only, Baymax with his Disney team.

The combination of a free hug and ice cream proved incredibly popular and we got the opportunity to introduce Oppo to a whole new crowd. It was great to meet the Disney team and we loved joining forces with them to promote the new Big Hero 6 movie soon to be released in the UK. It was fun introducing so many new people to Oppo and hopefully we made it worth their while sneaking out the office for a quick break or brightened up their afternoon as they waked down the street.