Naked Models + Ice Cream

We managed to convince two of our model friends to get absolutely naked in this video, just for you. In return we need some help.

Last Friday, the Oppo team headed down to a multi-storey carpark in Peckham, London to film our very own motion picture masterpiece. We managed to convince two models to get naked, and featured a coconut wielding dwarf, a kinky Richard Branson doing gangnam style, a giant chicken with a machine gun and Mr.T doing the harlem shake in a youtube video live today.

Why, you ask?

Because we need your vote. As you may know, we’re down to the final ten in Virgin’s Pitch to Rich competition and we’re definitely the underdog. Your votes got us from 2,500 companies into the last 10. And now we need 10x the number of votes again to get us into the final three to pitch to Richard Branson, win £250k of budget and help tell more people about the Oppo healthy indulgence you know and love.

So enjoy the video, have a giggle and share it with as many friends, family and strangers as possible to get them to vote too.

If you’re feeling lazy, here’s a sharing post you can use: 

“Naked models and ice cream. Watch this.  

If you haven’t even got around to voting in this round yet, don’t worry, we know you’re busy. Vote here (takes 10 seconds). Voting closes 10am this Tuesday 16th June – thanks so much in advance – we’re relying on you to share the word!

To say thanks once you’ve voted and shared the video, here’s a voucher for £1 off a tub of Oppo:

A big big-up to the absolutely brilliant guys at Spirit Digital and in particular, Tony, Matt and Tulip. They turned our ideas into a sharp script, our wanting acting into something actually showable and made everything possible. Sadly they couldn’t do anything about our bad dancing though. No-one’s perfect. 

A second big-up to our two model friends: 

Taylor Misthry runs Trackfit (which gets you training like an athlete and is why she has such brilliant abs). You can check it out at and

Tom Pitts is a personal trainer (which is why he has such tumescent pecs) – you can get a body like him here: