Innocent, Google, and Waitrose...a busy January!

Wow, well the Oppo stand has certainly been getting out of the office this month and showcasing all around London from Fruit Towers to Google HQ and Surbiton to West Ealing.

Every Friday and Saturday we have been visiting Waitrose stores all around the London area to do sampling and introduce as many of Waitrose customers as possible to Oppo. The feedback has been invaluable and we always love being able to talk directly to our consumers and new fans!

We were also lucky enough to join the Google team at both of their London offices for some Friday drinks. The canteen in their offices is full to the brim of delicious goodies but we were pleased to tempt the Googlers into some ice cream!

Final stop...Innocent HQ, Fruit Towers.

It was really interesting to have a tour of the offices - around every corner (or stuck to the ceiling) there seems to be something even more unusal and quirky than the one before. Innocent's company culture and ethos is awesome and we love their values - natural, entrepreneurial, responsible, commercial and generous - all of which are very applicable for Oppo.

We loved meeting all of the team and hope we added an extra bit of joy to their lunch time by giving them all a salted caramel with lucuma before they headed back for a busy afternoon.