Ice cream in all London black cabs

 Healthy ice cream. Oppo ice cream in London black cabs.

Well that might not be strictly true. But you’re reading this so we’ve done our job, and on the hot days we’ve had recently you may well have seen Oppo being advertised on black cabs all over London! That’s true, we promise. Here’s a picture to prove it…

 Charlie and Harry with Oppo black cab.

The displays you see on the roof of black cabs would usually be far beyond our non-existent budget.

That is, until we got a call from Eyetease and Verifone saying they wanted to showcase a cool piece of new technology. They had enabled different ads to be shown based on the weather – and what better way to demonstrate this by advertising ice cream on a sunny day! Even better, they knew we had no budget so put the ads up in exchange for a few tubs of Oppo.

For two weeks, every time temperatures rose above 20 degrees, Oppo was immediately splashed over 200 screens across London!

During the heatwave we brightened up many people’s daily office routine, doing a number of surprise drops around the capital.

And we’ve got one more to do…

On Monday (3rd August) we’ll be giving out free mini tubs from an Oppo cab in Canary Wharf over lunchtime – if you work in the area follow us on Twitter to find out where we are and grab a tub!